iHub Office

iHub Office is our offering for locations that do not require voicemail or additional services. The phone has a dial tone only and is most suited to a kitchen, warehouse, or call centre where you would not need to leave a recorded message.

Ideal for: Warehouses, kitchens, call centres.

iHub Lite

iHub Lite is our standard offering for office based workers. It includes voicemail and is designed to suit workers that are mostly desk based. There are various options available to tailor the functionality to your requirements.

Ideal for: Desk based office workers.

iHub Plus

iHub Plus is our advanced offering for office based workers who are required to travel with work. Importantly, this licence has the iHub functionality included which allows you to view which members of your team are online at their desk, on the mobile, or at home, giving your team much greater flexibility and improved productivity. It is ideally suited to workers who need to spend their time in various locations, such as sales people, estate agents, and mangers with the responsibility of more than one location.

Ideal for: Sales people on the move

Unified Communications

iHub Unified Communications is our offering that allows you to only have only one number that can contact you on all of your devices. This means that whether you are at home, on your way to work, or at work, you can be contacted using the same number. You have all of the functionality of a desk phone (call forwarding, conference calling etc) on all of your devices. It is designed for the ultra busy, on the move executive that needs to be in constant contact with his team. Our United Communications is a collaboration of services that are mobile, flexible, reliable, and secure.

Ideal for: Busy Executives, the self-employed, remote workers, on-the-road workers

iHub SIP Trunk

iHub SIP trunks are our offering for companies that still have a traditional working telephone system (commonly called a PBX) but seek the resilience, functionality, reliability, and security of a cloud based VoIP system. SIP trunks reduce costs and offer increased flexibility.

Ideal for: Businesses in need of updating their traditional PBX telephone system but are reluctant to have their voice calls hosted off-site.