Partner with iHub

iHub enable you to offer your clients a complete service solution whilst simultaneously increasing your revenue



Our tailored approach means that regardless of whether you are a one man business that would like to offer iHub telephony as an additional service, or you are a company of 50+ employees that would like to sell iHub products as part of your core offering, iHub’s partner model will help you grow your company


  • Competitive Pricing
  • Full Sales Training
  • Full Product Training
  • Intuitive Portal
  • 24/7 Customer Services
  • White Labeled Marketing Material

'Since reselling iHub products to our customers, we've increased our annual revenue by 30% - and we didn't have to do a thing!'

Marlow Commercial Property Management Services

partner with iHub

Our local sales executives are available to meet with you to help you decide which option would compliment your business best

iHub Referral Partnership

An iHub Referral Partner is a no commitment method of partnering with iHub. If you refer a business that is in the market to sell iHub products and services to us and a partnership ensues, we pay you an introductory fee. It is ideal for commercially minded people wanting to increase their annual revenue with very little effort.

iHub Dealer Partnership

An iHub Dealer Partner is designed for companies wishing to increase their service offering to their customers. It allows the Partner to sell iHub products and services alongside their current business, while iHub can provide billing and customer services.

iHub Reseller Partnership

An iHub Reseller Partner is for companies that would like to resell iHub products and services as part of their core offering to their clients, either white – labelled as their own product, or as iHub branded products. Reseller Partners bill and provide customer service to their own customers.